Top Five Friday

I can't believe Friday is finally here! :) So happy for the weekend to begin! We have a jam-packed weekend with two housewarming parties to attend, more wedding dress shopping (for the last time I hope), and, of course, the best part - meeting with the vintage store owner to talk shop! Keep those fingers crossed for me, ok?

And, here's my top five!

I know it's only February, but this skirt from Fluffie Loves Vintage is so spring-y and cheerful! I want to wear it with a tank top and sandals and hop on my cruiser and head to the beach. Soon, friends, soon!

Now, I have a pretty large collection of hair bows started, some are vintage but most are hand-made. I had NO IDEA how easy these are to make! I see a bow-making craft night in my very near future. The lovely Marlyn from Little Red Bowtalk posted this super simple DIY this week and I love it. (And isn't she a cutie?)

This photo of Lisa (a.k.a. AZ) is amazing and had to be included. I love her all-aqua outfit, those shoes, her skirt, the huge map on the wall, and of course, her vintage Pyrex collection! I really want to make it out for a visit in 2013! It's on my wish list!

Dani posted an interview with Henry of Magic City Finds the other day on her blog. I was in awe when I learned that this 14 year old buys and sells vintage, specializing in midcentury modern, and is super successful at it! It's a great read, friends.

And, although I haven't bought my wedding dress (I still have my eye on one but haven't taken the leap and bought it yet), I just had to grab these shoes from BAIT while they were on sale. (And it was the last day of their sale, so lucky for me!) Tada, at least one part of my wedding day is complete....Now I just need a darn dress (and hopefully it will match these shoes)!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!




  1. Wow! That interview with Henry is awesome- what an amazing kid! As always- your list is drool worthy and those wedding shoes you chose are perfect. They will go with any color dress! Thank you for including me and I can't wait to have you out for a visit! Did you see the ornament you made hanging under the Pyrex? It's a year-round decoration :) Have a great weekend, my friend!

  2. Those shoes are perfect! I love that they look comfortable, as well as stylish.

    And that skirt is to die for. I love tulips!!

  3. So many good things! I am going to definitely have to read up on that 14 year old who buys and sells vintage, holy crap! And I LOVE the bait shoes they are just so pretty! Happy Friday!
    xo Hannah

  4. ooooooh I'm just gonna have to give that bow tute a whirl! Super cute.

  5. My fingers are crossed for the vintage meeting and the wedding dress shopping my dear! You'll be great! xoxo

    And PS - I love that aqua outfit up there!

  6. Pretty pretty pretty!! Good luck with all your ventures :)

  7. Great picks and Henry...Wow! Good luck with your meeting!
    I tagged you to participate in the Leibster Blog Award! If you're interested here's the details