What to Wear: Shades of Blue

Thank you all for the sweet notes yesterday! We had a great night celebrating our anniversary. I am one lucky lady.

Today the gals and I are rockin shades o'blue!

Who knew I had NO blue clothes in my closet. Other than denim, I am BLUEless! I pulled this sweater out of the shop, because I literally have nothing blue. Floral? I got you covered. But blue? Not so much. So, here I am - wearing every blue item I own.
fake plants, mini-blinds, and peach paint - no this is not my house
  I adore this skirt - and it has pockets!

A big thank you to my girl, Holly, for snapping these on a break at work. Don't you love the bland office backdrop? It's just too cold out there for me to go coatless. :)

Sweater: Vintage / Salvaged Strawberry
Tights: Target
Boots: Thrifted
Plaid Blouse: Thrifted
Denim Skirt: Vintage / Fancy Fig Leaf
Swan Pendant: Vintage

And be sure to look at what the other beauties are wearing today:

Lexi: The Girl Who Says Quack




  1. I adore that skirt. You could pair it with anything!! SO cute.

  2. I have a very similar skirt and it's pretty awesome :) You look so cute- I think I'm in love with that plaid blouse, from what I can see, and how cool is that necklace?? Your hair seems really long, are you growing it? It looks super cute! I don't even notice the office backdrop with your cuteness :)

  3. You are too cute!! I love all the shades of blue in this outfit - especially the skirt. Super fun with the pockets! I'm pretty sure I have those same blue tights from Target too! And I've totally rocked the office pics before, you have better lighting in yours than I do in mine!

  4. I love this blue outfit, the sweater from your shop is adorable and so is that skirt! I am way to accustomed to a drab office setting, ugh. At least you got a plant in your outfit, and the background just lets the outfit shine!
    xo Hannah

  5. Cute outfit! I love the necklace and the skirt! =}

  6. I feel you on the lack of blue. :) Love that necklace!

  7. I really like your outfit here, so cute! I love combining items of the same colour, too!
    And thanks so much for your sweet comment!

    Hope you're having a fantastic week,

  8. So cute! The necklace is amazing!

  9. beautiful...i love those blue tights :).

  10. For not having anything blue you've manage to put together one heck of a darling outfit lassie! I LOVE every last piece! I'm the same way with brown (except for hats) - I got nothing :-)

  11. Blue looks good on you! I really like that sweater.

  12. For owning no blue you sure look good in it! That skirt is fab.

  13. cutest skirt EVER. pockets make every dress/skirt a million times better.

  14. "fake plants, mini-blinds, and peach paint - no this is not my house" hahaha :)

  15. That sweater is super cool, and I love a good skirt with pockets! Also, I'm drooling in a completely inappropriate way over that necklace. So much awesome. Congrats on your anniversary!

  16. all the blue things in your closet turned out to work very nicely together! I wouldn't be brave enough to have someone from work take my outfit photos. :P
    p.s.~ That necklace is sweet!

  17. love LOVE that necklace! and that sweater is pretty great, too. so happy for you and your sweetheart, what a milestone!