The Weekend

I am a horrible friend.

Where have I been? Other than a few crickets chirping and a tumbleweed of pug hair rollin through, it's been reaaaalllll quiet in these (blogger) parts. Long story short: my back went out. Not much more to say than that. It was hard enough to get out of bed and get my ass to work, much less anything else.

I've been really really busy lying on the floor.

But then, last week, I got a giant shot of cortisone in my back and I am slowly starting to feel better. We went to Milwaukee this weekend for a wedding, and a positive attitude and lots and lots of pain meds helped get me through.

These hams took good care of me last week.

A dress that wasn't thrifted. Shocking!

We went to a wedding on an island and had oh so much fun.

It was nice to have a long weekend away. :) I found lots of inspiration at their vintage-themed wedding, too. (I am now buying vintage plates for 150. Who wants to help? Anyone?) I cannot wait for our big day - about two and a half months! I've been working on a lot of projects and I can't wait to show you. I promise I will. I miss you. It's been too long. Let's not do that again OK?




  1. Oh mama! So glad your back is feeling better!! I want to squish the shit out of those cute pug faces!!! So glad you had a great weekend!!

  2. I'm sorry about your back, I'm glad it's feeling better! And a wedding on an island?? How fun! The dress looks great - even if it wasn't thrifted!

    And you are too sweet about the clothes you have - karaoke night works for me! Can't wait to see you again!

  3. yay, can't wait to see more about your wedding preparation as well! are you looking for 150 similar, vintage plates? that sounds like quite the task if so! but if they just sorta match sounds do-able. A wedding on an island looks like a dream, and looks like you all had tons of fun. Super cute outfits you two have too! Glad your back is healing slowly but surely, sounds awful!
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  4. Aww your poor back!!! I'm so glad you're feeling better, and that you're BACK! (That dress kicks ass, by the way.)

  5. Ouch! That sounds painful. :( Glad you're doing better. And your doggies are adorable! I'm sure they were very good at nursing you back to health. :)

  6. LOVE THAT DRESS! You two make such a good lookin couple! So sorry about your back, glad you're feeling better and I hope you'll be good as new soon. Back pain makes things super difficult, that's for sure. Big hugs!!