A Vintage Overhaul

Hello and happy Monday! We just got back from a weekend in the north woods of Wisconsin and it was absolutely beautiful. Just what we needed! Although, C's mom and aunt were quick to remind us that there are only six weeks until the wedding. (SIX weeks. How the eff did that happen?!)

Me and my Scarlett

We received a generous gift from my mom and stepdad for our shower - a new tv. I've had mine since about 2005, and I have been refusing to get a new one until ours died, but since we got one as a gift, a new TV is on its way.

This has inspired a slight re-haul of our living room. We now need to find a cabinet for the new tv and since we are doing that, I figured we might as well get a new couch, too, because our current couch is falling apart - with so many family members and out of town friends swinging through for the wedding, I want the place to be tip toppity.

And it's been six years since I've re-done the living room. I am really excited to give our home a much-needed vintage overhaul. I recently finished the dining room and I love it! 

For the past few weeks, I've been looking at local furniture stores, online stores, and Craig's List. I keep going back and forth between vintage and new. Vintage couches around here run about the same as a new couch because anything that is midcentury anything is marked up 600%. Then that leaves the vintage-inspired pieces at places like Urban Outfitters.

See here:

via UO

It's new, but I just know know that this is mass-produced junk and I can't do it. It's so pretty, but I know it won't last. I want to work to find the real deal.

Then I saw this baby that is being sold locally:

For a used couch (and, who are we kidding, I like a bargain), it is pretty expensive, but I love it. Also, the seller said it is more brown than mauve - it looks sort of purple in the photo.

Once we get the couch, it's on to rugs and a chair - this is going to be fun.

I sent the photo to Cayla so we will see what she thinks. :) My fingers are crossed.

How do you feel about all this? Do you mind buying vintage-inspired knock-offs from ModCloth, UO, etc., or would you rather find the real thing?

Wishing you a fabulous week!



  1. I will admit to having shopped ModCloth a bit here and there - but the quality isn't that great! I think the real thing is better. I hope C likes that couch!

    Also - six weeks? Crazy!

  2. Sweet Scarlett!! :) What does Cayla think of the couch??

  3. 6 weeks??? That's awesome/crazy/so soon! I buy clothes from ModCloth here and there but I try to avoid the knock off furniture. We do have some Ikea stuff to hold the place while we hunt for the good stuff, but I wouldn't splurge on UO because everything from there is crap. I do buy sale clothes but at least it's not expensive when it falls apart. I think vintage inspired is okay if you're getting a quality product! Can't wait to see what you decide!

  4. I love both couches! I know what you mean about mid-century furniture! We live in a 1950s rancher. If I had been hip to the game when we bought it 10 yrs ago, I couldn't furnished it with authentic pieces affordably, but ever since Madmen...well its all out of reach.