Girl(s) Crush

I just finished season two of Girls and I can't wait for season 3. This show is so effing good. Obvi.

So excited to see Lena on the cover of Marie Claire UK. (So, I may stalk her a little on instagram.)

"I always feel that there are two choices for women," Dunham says. "Either be totally confident about your non-size-zero body and say, 'I love what I look like and this is who I am,' or be the person who is obsessed with diet and exercise and keeping toned. What feels more realistic to me is that some days I wake up and think I love how I look. On other days I say, 'If I had real self-control, I would be 10 pounds lighter.' That contradiction is, to me, what being a girl actually feels like."

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  1. I love how she talks about bodies, and confidence, and everything!

  2. Oh man if you stalk her on Instagram we are totally tag teaming that shit. I love her. I remember watching tiny furniture, and the first episodes of Girls and being so astonished to see something that I could relate to so clearly. I loved that she said that she couldn't see bodies on tv that she related to, because I feel so the same way. It's funny, when I showed my boyfriend Girls and a Hannah sex scene came on, he noted how there was so little work for women like her on tv. I said "I know, she knows, that's why she makes her own. That's show creator Lena Dunham" and he was so damn impressed. Just silence. That girl rocks my world.

  3. I love Lena and Girls and really aught to get caught up on Season 2! Thanks for the reminder!