Oh, Miranda

While persusing through the book shop for a good read for my Detroit flight, I passed a new issue of Paper Mag with Miranda July on the cover.

Is it just me, or would you also like Miranda to come over and craft with you?

I would love to have her over to bake or maybe paint a big ridiculous collage in my living room...I think she would love karaoke, and maybe we'd paint cute sayings on our shoes? I think she would be sweet and kind and funny, and she would love the pugs.

Maybe I'm crazy, or maybe I just have a big ol' girl crush.

My wonderful and beautiful friend Sara got me Miranda's new book for my birthday.  It Chooses You includes interviews Miranda conducted with people she met through ads in the PennySaver. I can't wait to dig in! It's been on my "to read" list, but Sara knows me so well, she knew I'd love it! (Thank you, again, Sara! Mwa!)

What else I am loving this week?

These hair bows I just got last night from American Apparel with my handy and amazing Groupon:

Velvet and Pretty

Mustard Leather

I definitely need to learn how to make these! That would be a perfect winter project.

While at the MOA, my friends Liz and Tracy and I took a visit to the MOA's aquarium. We had coupons (of course) so it was a fun adventure on the cheap! Since I've back from Michigan I've been on the go (go! go!). I can't believe it's December tomorrow! We haven't even put up our holiday decorations yet! I guess this gal needs to get moving!

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!




  1. That would be so fun to make those bows! I love the mustard colored one. Very cute!

  2. oh miranda i love you :) hope you like the book!! maybe you can read it in milwaukee. have a good trip. :)