A Delightful Weekend

Good morning!

The sun is shining, my chai is warm and delicious, and I just know it's going to be a great week! And, I just found out that my Dad is coming for a visit and will be arriving this weekend! Yes! I haven't seen him since I went back to Michigan for Thanksgiving, so I am super excited because I miss him like mad. He's just the best. But, of course, that means it's time for a SUPER CLEANING MARATHON this week (so long pug hair tumbleweeds rolling through the apartment, so long stacks of vintage housewares I need to tag for the next sale spread throughout our dining room; Dad's coming and ya'll got to GO!)!

So, I am a little sore this morning. My hips still ache. My ass is still throbbing. My stomach muscles are in a mood. (I didn't even know I had stomach muscles!) All thanks to Patrick for making me go to yoga on Saturday morning. And not just ANY yoga. Freakin hot as the desert, 105-degree yoga! But, I did it, and guess what?

I LOVED it. I have never sweat so much in my ENTIRE life and I am a HUGE wimp, but I got through it and I felt like a NEW woman.

It was amazing. Erin and my love Cayla went with me, and it was so nice feeling their love and support next to me. Every time I thought I was going to pass out, I would look over and see one of them smile at me, and I knew I could do it. ♥


And, I did. And I will be going again this Saturday. Because it rocks. it was the first hour in weeks that I wasn't in my head.


I wasn't making a to-do list. I wasn't worried. I wasn't thinking. It took everything I had to just get through it. But your mind and your heart and your spirit need a break from life for a while. Even a very short, albeit, HOT break. But if you haven't tried it, I would seriously recommend it. If I can do it, YOU can. Believe me!

After yoga, I then headed out to Erin's for a clothing swap!

So fun!

I went with three bags and came home with one. It is full of new (to me) treasures, including a hot pair of booties from Emma's closet (thank god someone has big feet like me in the group! Thanks, Emma!), and lots of new cute sweaters that I can't wait to wear.

Here's a shot of the gang (Thanks, Lindsey for taking such cute photos!):

You know I love me a smooshed face pup!

Wishing you a fabulous Tuesday!



  1. Girl, I know what you mean about always being in your head! I'm constantly planning, thinking, making lists, dreaming about the future... A clothing swap sounds so fun! I have a few friends that we pass our clothes on to each other but a big group would be awesome! Good luck with the cleaning marathon and have fun with your dad!

  2. Hot yoga is tough, but don't you feel great after a class?

  3. I am doing the same thing with my house! my in-laws are passing through this weekend and i am finding tiny piles of dog hair everywhere! I started doing yoga last week at the YMCA, too. I haven't done it in forever, but I feel so amazing! its the one time in the day my head is clear, too. Now if I could do something about keeping it clear before bed so I can get some sleep!

  4. That does sound like a lovely weekend. I'm in the process of planning a clothing swap for the beginning of March and I'm already so excited for it. Now you have me hoping that there are a few women in the area with large lady feet like mine. Toes crossed!

  5. I have this same banana republic argyle sweater. Lately I've been seeing that nice buttons can make something look so much more bold, class, and polished. Also, I'm a hot yoga (at Corepower) 5 x week kind of gal- hit me up if you ever need motivation and company! I don't know what I would do without it, and 6 am classes are my fav. See you at your sale this week!