Etsy Love: All You Need Is Pug

Why am I JUST NOW finding this shop, All You Need Is Pug, being the pugsessed pugowner of two little puggy darling chubby monkey faces? Hmm?

Better late than never.

I can see the money flying quickly out of my paypal account...

Puggy legwarmers for Parker!

And this neck (roll) warmer for Scarlett!

This sweater!

Inspired by this shop, and REALLY wanting to find a cute sweater for Miss Scarlett, I kept looking.

I love this, too. Maybe after my knitting class I can make amazing dog sweaters? 


Is it just me, or do Pugs make the best models?

If by modeling, I mean napping, of course.

♥ Parker and Scarlett:

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Tonight is game night at my house, then up bright and early for hot yoga, and then my Dad comes in from the mitten state! Woot! We've already decided, as we both finished Diane Keaton's autobiography last week (so funny), that we are having an Annie Hall tribute night. This is why I love my Dad...




  1. OHMIGOD. This is so adorable. I'm dying over here.

    I would love to get a pug, but my dude has his heart set on an Alaskan Malamute. I'm like, can't we just get both?

  2. um, that pug stuff is unbelievable and AMAZING.

  3. hahahah those are too cute!!! i have an english bulldog, wish they came in his size!