Lights, Camera, Vintage: Photo Shoot

Happy Monday!

I couldn't be happier! My Dad got in from Michigan on Saturday afternoon and it's been pretty amazing. We've had lots of yummy food and drank a bit too much wine.

For lunch, Cayla and I took him to the Anchor Bar in northeast, one of my very favorite spots for fish and chips and cider. It was delicious. C had the shepard's pie - her favorite.

Yesterday night, we watched movies while I tagged my goodies for the next sale.

Yesterday afternoon, I snuck away to Maria's for a photo shoot for our upcoming February sale! It's in two weeks! Eek! Details to come soon, I promise. But until then, a few shots from the shoot!

Me and our baby manequin going nautical (so! excited! for our kids' vintage selection):

John a.k.a. Scout:

I loved putting together our collections for the shoot. We had an absolute blast!

If you are local, don't foget to "LIKE" us on Facebook for announcements about our future sales. :)

Tonight, my pops and I are grabbing dinner and watching Annie Hall. The day cannot go by fast enough. :)

Lots of Love,



  1. Omygoodness! I'm in love with the pink coat! Excited for the sale :)
    Xoxo Kayla :)
    P.s. I love the shoes you sent me! They fit perfectly!

  2. D and I were at Anchors on thursday night. I love, love, love their fries!

    That last picture has so many things I'd want! Can't wait to find out more about your sale :).

  3. New reader! Found you through some of the other MN girls blogs. I just had to comment on the Anchor - I love that restaurant! Best fish and chips in the Metro! Been watching your Band of Thrifters updates on FB too and excited to see what is to come!

  4. The Anchor has the best fish and chips. I would go there more often if I didn't live in St. Paul.

  5. 1). Love Annie Hall. 2). LOVE LOVE LOVE the new sale stuff. Looking forward to the sale. Kids stuff? YES! 3). I miss you and Cayla-bug. Tell me you two have a free day soon.