All the Pretty Horses

Why do I feel like I am seriously 13 again? Lots of gals in middle school loooooved horses. I didn't. I thought they were OK, but one bit me when I tried to feed it a carrot at the petting farm and I was pretty much done with them after that.

Until now. I am a 30 year old going through a mid-life horse phase. Ridiculous.

I am drawn to all things horses.

I haven't started collecting the plastic ones yet (thank god), but I would really love a fun dress or a cute skirt with a horse print. As of yet I have not seen either, thrifted or new.

For now, the only piece of hourse clothing I have is this cute shirt I thrifted (originally from Urban). It's got a cute ruffley back, too. I wore this to my sale a few weekends ago.

Horse shirt: Thrifted
Tights: Target
Shoes, belt, skirt, and sweater: Vintage
Photos: Thanks, Maria!

I am still getting used to taking outfit posts. I feel really, really, really awkward. I'm working on it. ;)


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  1. Ohhhh the colours in that mexican blanket have me weak at the knees