New to the Shop!

So, I had a wonderful and relaxing weekend with my darling dear. I also had time to do some thrifting and estate saling. I will post later this week with some of my favorite finds! One of the sales had the largest collection of strawberry housewares I've ever seen! Glasses and pictures and needlepoints and dishes and ... you get it. I had to really control myself. I am a sucker for strawberry housewares! :)

On Saturday, I spent the day (finally) taking photos of goodies for the etsy shop. They were starting to pile up! I can't wait to show you what I am adding today!

Here are just a few of my favorites:


Cobalt Blue Hen Glass Dish (We have one in amber and it makes an amazing butter dish!)

Vintage hand mirror! (That is a tray I recently found, too. Love it!)

Home Sweet Home planter (it really is sweet)

Floral beach tote!

Vintage leather saddle bag

I am obsessed with anything with a horse on it right now -- Makes sense since I never went through this stage at 13

Next up for the shop? Spring and summer dresses! I can't wait to get those added! I just need ONE warm, sunny day so I can have a date with my dress form in the yard!

Have a lovely Monday!



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  1. That blue hen dish is absolutely incredible!!!! The color is stunning! Xo Lori