Good Things Will Soon Happen

Happy Wednesday!

Sorry I've been away so long! We went out of town last week to visit C's family in Milwaukee and then down to Chicago to see FIONA APPLE (ah-mazing) with two of my dearest friends.

I love roadtripping with my family!

The concert was awesome. I was literally next to her piano bench. She was within reach, man. I have to admit I cried a few times out of pure excitement/joy. It was one of the best concerts ever. And I got to see it with three of the biggest Fiona fans ever, which was the icing on the cake! :)

So, in other news, the SHOP is doing really well!

I hit 75 sales this week and I couldn't be more proud. I realized that although I've had a lot of sales, I have no $ in my paypal account because all I do is take my profits and give it right back to my favorite etsy sellers!

For example, today I got some amazing home-made soap from Snappy Rockfish Soap.

Here are some more items that I have on my wish list!

This bee-you-tee-ful ring (looks like the moon to me)! And Maie Dae's whole shop is on sale with code CLOSINGSALE!

These shoes from Sparrow Lynn in coral. And they are my size! LOVE!

This jewelry organizer!

This cardigan (mustard and bows?) from Small Earth Vintage...

Isn't this the most lovely hairclip from Oh My Deer Love? Blooms! Love!

I want this embroidery from Dear Moonbeans to hang over our bed:

Came across the cutest shop on etsy the other day, Lotus Om Designs.

Love this and it's only $12!

I really, really, really, really, really want this alphabet dress from ASOS. This is the perfect work dress for an editor. I mean, come on!

And this print from Paper Sparrow:

Good things are happening every day! Spring's here! My shop's in full bloom (yes!)! Cayla is almost finished with her program and life may start getting back to normal! I am really just loving life right now.

Have a lovely day, dears,



  1. I'm so happy your shop is booming- yay! You have to get those shoes, I insist. They are so freaking pretty. My Paypal money pretty much never makes it to my bank account either. Last week I sold a bunch of stuff on Ebay and have spent 1/2 of it already, but I consider it my reward for getting rid of stuff AND supporting handmade :) Glad you had a fun road trip!!

  2. Yay! Hi! Thanks for getting soap! And for linking to it in this post! (So many exclamation points!) I'm so happy to have found a new blog to add to my reader, too. :o) I also have a pug! His name is Artoo and he's going to be the big 7 next month. They just grow up so quickly! ;o)

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that I'm happy to have a new blog buddy! (With good taste in soap!)