Someone's Been a Busy Bee

OK, so we all know I failed TERRIBLY at the THRIFTING DIET.

I made it a week. Just one.

The point was to focus on getting items listed in my shop, rather than continuing to STOCK PILE them in our basement, living room, dining room, bedroom, back hallway...God, don't you all just WISH you were lucky to live with me in my crazy vintage hoarding heaven? Yeah, C probably wishes she could run for the hills, too. ;)

In that sense the diet worked, because I really have been buying less and posting MORE. So, cheers for me and for small victories.

Alas, I spent all day Sunday taking photos and measuring so I finally have a shop update! And I will be adding more daily! :)



If any of these strike your fancy, you can enter the code BERRY for 15% off.

Have a fabulous, day dears!



  1. I have a yellow bag that is very similar to that one. Someone should buy it, since it is cute and those travel bags can fit a lot of stuff!

  2. I've been seeing your updated posts and drooling over your finds! In two more weeks I'm off my shopping ban! Actually about a week and a half! And I may have to snatch something up! Or maybe you'll have something even more awesome by then. :)

  3. Well, if you ask me, a week is pretty darn good! I'm worried about the future of my home because there are TWO of us that love collecting vintage. Even Netflix constantly recommends Hoarders to me and I've never seen the show! Having a basement sounds heavenly...

  4. remember, deprivation is never the key, only moderation. that being said, we welcome you back with open arms :) You have a talent, girlfriend, you need to be putting it to use! Those oxfords and that yellow bag are seriously calling my name..

  5. That maxi dress (the last photo) is SO FREAKING PRETTY!!! ACL