Thrifting Joy

Good morning! Are we all HAPPY it's Thursday?

Man, I sure am. I cannot wait for this weekend! Not too excited about having to go through the attic/basement for the garage sale Saturday, but I know it needs to be done. :)

So, last night, I went to a few thrift shops after work. I was at the second thrift store, trying on a vintage dress that I couldn't even squeeze one boob into (hah!), feeling a little disheartened, I left the dressing room and literally ran into a cart filled with boxes.

I took a closer look, and what do you know, they were all boxes filled with goodies with "RETRO" tags. This specific thrift store has a pretty large Vintage section, however, it is usually over-picked and filled with an assorment of the ugliest polyester pieces from across the great state of Minnesota. However, as luck would have it, I found a ton of cute stuff, because I got first pick.

No shame in my vintage-lovin heart, I sat right down next to the cart and dug in!

Pure. Thrifting. Joy.

I will post some photos soon, but until then, I thought I'd share some of my other recent scores while thrifting.

Not sure what I am keeping and what is going in the shop, if I had it my way, I'd keep it all! (insert evil hoarder laugh here.)

This vintage bottle:

This recipe organizer (so cute!):

Vintage cake carrier (that matches our bread box which I got at an antique store in Milwaukee):

These owl glasses:

This set of hand-made prints:

Wishing you a day full of JOY!



  1. I love those owl glasses! I have such a thing for owls, they are my favorite. What a fun find! And score for being the first to dig through the vintage cart!!

  2. CUTE finds. I love the cake carrier!

  3. Lovely finds! I, too, love the cake carrier. I have only two, but would love more, of course! I'm so glad you commented on my blog. I lost track of you. I would love to attend your garage sale! I live down in Burnsville. Have a great day!

  4. Those owl glasses are so cute!

  5. Aaaah so much good stuff! I want it all! Those owl glasses in a whole set, total score. I can't wait to see your dresses. Also, I wish I could've come to your yard sale :)