Bathing Beauties

So, I have another collection that I don't think I've shared yet.

Vintage bathing suits.

Love them, hunt for them, buy them, sell them, keep them, wear them.

Basically, I am all-around obsessed with them.

I am not a two-piece kind of gal. It's really just not happening.

This is why I love vintage suits -- they are so flattering on ALL body types. I have a very hard time because of my upper proportions (ahem) so even in large bathing suits I am hanging out all over the place. I have found that vintage suits have a lot of support up top, some even with a nifty bra built right in. I like the ones with a fitted skirt, this is sexy. Stay away from the grandma bottoms. You know what I'm talking about.

This is one of my favorite new suits. It's super slimming and comfy, and I love the colorful 80s print. It looks a little loose on my tiny dress form, but it fits me like a dream! :)

I see them all the time in my mags and they can be quite pricey! If you are in the market for a vintage pin-up-style suit, be sure to check your local thrift shop or a vintage seller!

I thought I would see what I could find on etsy, too. I did find a couple really amazing suits. (I also have a few in my shop right now, too!)

Love this one from The Paragon:

And this one from Erin, so cute! And she's totally got that "Hey, sailor" look down!

Can't go wrong with coral floral (via Old Faithful Vintage).

Hah, she called this "Shagedelic" -- enough said.

Plaid and Belted? Yes! (via Midsummer Vintage)

OK, now I am ready to go to the beach! Do you dig the vintage pin-up suits? What are your thoughts?




  1. I am totally coveting a vintage style swimsuit for this summer! Along with reasons to wear the swimsuit. I need more friends with pools, lol.

  2. I love that last plaid suit! So cute.

    I am soooo not a two-piece kind of gal either. I have a plain black Jantzen swimsuit that I lovingly refer to as my "Wednesday Addams" bathing suit because it's totally thick and provides full coverage from my neck to my bum. It's not vintage, but I dig it. Recently, though, I've obsessed with the bathing suits from the 1920s, and would love to find a modern take on those!

  3. These are so great! I love the look of vintage bathing suits but haven't found one for me yet. I ended up buying a one piece retro style one from ModCloth last year because I was having suck bad luck finding one. I love the plaid belted one- SO cute!!