For the Love of Pendleton

Hi beauties!

So, I knew when I heard about this shop that I would be ordering something. I just didn't know what.

(This was before I took the second-hand pledge! I promise!)

I decided on one of their cute mini zippered organizers made from Pendleton fabric.

I have been using to keep my jewelry all together when we hit the road and I really love it!

It's SO well made, and it's hand sewn and lined. I wish you could feel it -- the pictures do not do this baby justice!

And the packaging? It felt like my birthday!

Yep, love it, and very happy with my purchase! :)

Just had to share some handmade love today!

A few side notes, for you, mmkay?

* Look at this recipe for Strawberry Cupcakes! This is happening.
* Here is a FANTASTIC post from Katie about blogging and materialism. Here, here, sister!

That's all for today! Although, I do want to mention that I have started working on a give-away for my 100th sale in the shop. We are getting close! :) I am lining up some of my favorite friends and etsy sellers to participate! It's going to be so good, friends. I will also be including some of my favorite things, too, just because I want to say thank you to each of you for following my new blog and just being wonderful.




  1. What a cute pouch! Looks good sized too!

    And strawberry cupcakes sound amazing!

  2. The pouch is cute, and so is the doggie. We need to have a pug play date some time.

  3. That is a gorgeous little pouch! I love it!

  4. I love the Pendleton prints and their pouches look so well made! 100 sales?? You are rockin' it, lady! That is so rad! Katie's post was awesome, definitely summed up how I feel so often... Have a good weekend!

  5. pretty blog, I'm a new reader :)