Shop Update! Finally!

Hey, friends!

I am so excited to say that I finally updated the shop. Good Lord. I had to put her on vacation during the pop-up, then we had a wedding, then I lost my camera. But all is well. Still no camera, but I used C's and it worked out just fine! So, I am feeling good and back on track! Hooray!I spent all day yesterday snapping photos and measuring!

A lovely friend and fellow blogger will also be doing a give-away for a gift certificate to the ol shop soon, so stay tuned for that, too!

Floral Sleeveless Dress with Lilies (and a Puglet)

Boho Peasant Blouse with Birds and Butterflies

Size 7 Leather Yellow Ballet Flats

Tulip Print Retro One-Piece

Orange Sorbet Belted Day Dress

1970s Navy Swedish Bastad Clogs

Colorful Woven Straw Beach Bag

Vintage Denim Vest with Pockets

Navy Gingham Vintage One Piece

I will be loading the shop with more items tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day!




  1. Looks awesome! Those clogs are great!

  2. Cute items as usual! I'll be watching for that giveaway!

  3. how do you refrain from keeping everything for yourself?? i'm eyeing that pink dress!

    1. It's really hard! :) If I love something I will list it and if it doesn't sell then I keep it. It's always a struggle though. It's funny - I sell vintage clothes but my closet is pretty empty bc i don't keep anything! I need to start keeping MORE! :)