Love from Minnesota

Hi, friends! I know I've been a little quieter than usual, but I had a super hectic weekend traveling to and from Chicago and now my Dad is in town from Michigan until Thursday. Busy, busy, busy! But all is swell!

Last night my Dad and I talked, laughed, drank wine, and watched Modern Family. (I really, really love Cam. Sometimes I think he is the male version of me, but just a tad gayer.)

It's so nice to have my Dad in town; it only happens about once a year so I really have to enjoy him while he's here!

Thursday I am going in for a hair trim...I've been growing out my bangs for what seems like ages now. They are doing this side swoop thing. I need your advice friends - BANGS or NO BANGS? I'd love to here what you think. I miss them. A lot. But they also take forever to grow out!



Shoes -Thrifted
Tights - Banana
Dress - Swapped (Banana)
Cardigan - Vintage

I hope you all are having a great week!




  1. you are so cute! i adore the details on this dress.

    i too love modern family! i only watched the first season on netflix, but my boyfriend and i thought it was so funny.

    lindsey louise

  2. Gorgeous photos. I especially love the third one. You look so lovely. I'm glad to hear you're having an awesome time with your dad.

    On the bangs note, I would say grow them out, but that's only because I find bangs to be too much work. They get greasy, they do weird flippy things and they're just an all around pain the butt... or, at least, that's my experience with them.

  3. Oh god, my boss is so much like Cam. It's amazing.
    As for bangs, I say keep them! I have super rebellious hair, and I just keep my bangs in check by either: getting those suckers soaked and then blowing them dry. No brush, just finger comb and hot air from both directions to avoid a weird swoop. OR, I run them through my straightening iron while it's still heating up. Tames them and cleans up my whole look (plus it makes them less prone to poke me in the eye when they're a bit too long...haha)


  4. I love Modern Family! It's one of my favorite shows!

    I love the pretty details on your dress! And the leaves are so pretty in the last picture!

  5. I have to admit that I am a total sucker for bangs - so I would say go for it!

  6. What gorgeous leaves and happy fall pics-

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

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  7. This pics are SO pretty! I'm so happy you're having fun with your pops! I love Modern Family, it's so funny and I think Mitchell and Cam are always my favorite storyline. As for the bangs- tough call. I sometimes miss my short bangs but it took so long with that crappy in-between stage that I don't want to go through that again (very dramatic!).I've had longer side bangs for awhile and I like having them but being able to put them behind my ear or in a pony if I want. That's my 2-cents :)

  8. Cam is my favorite.

    Bangs look cute on you, but I'd be tempted to keep growing them now that they're this long.

  9. you have the biggest smile EVER! so contagious!

  10. Oh, it's so nice to see some fall color still.

  11. I adore that dress! I know for me, bangs always sound like a good idea but they are just too much work and I can never get them to look good.

  12. I'm glad your having fun with your Dad! Wherever you are in these pictures looks amazing. We are up to our ears in snow, and there's currently a blizzard raging outside my window. We are all dreading the drive home...

    I have super short hair, so I'm pretty much all bangs. They cover what I always thought of as my ridiculous forehead. How do YOU feel about your forehead? I'm sure it's lovely!

  13. Your dress is so pretty! I am glad you are getting to spend some quality time with your dad! Thank you again for the birthday wishes!
    xo Hannah

  14. You look darling...I love the monochromatic dress.

    <3 Cambria

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  15. I say bangs!! I love bangs :) They are super cute and adorable. Right now I've got full bangs and I'm loving them. Side bangs are always a good option too. Excited to see what you choose!

  16. I'm a bangs fan myself and you have the perfect face for them :) I only wish I had ones that would lay straight across - darn cowlick.

    That dress is gorgeous Amanda! Sounds like quite a loverly week with your father. Have an amazing weekend too!

    xo Marisa

  17. I love this outfit! You look super cute and professional! :)